The Arbiters

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The Arbiters
Arbiter Symbol.png
King Earnet
Notable Members
Chieftain Rhanakhed
Lady Eletha
High Prophet Surin

The Arbiters is one of the major factions in Age of Warscape. They are a prideful faction, who display their compassion, faith, nobility, and mercy. Originally planned by King Ron, but formed by King Earnet, the mighty faction fights for their dominance and to end the threat of their enemies, the 2nd Legion. The Arbiters is a playable faction.

History[edit | edit source]

The Arbiters Initiative was originally planned by the first king of the Humans, King Ron. The soul purpose of this plan was to unite any allying races to fight against a common enemy. King Ron was to inact it with the other allying race leaders, but was assassinated by UMBRA Insurgents. Earnet, Ron's son, took the throne, and, believing that Ron's assassination was at the hands of Jaar leader Warlord Bjorin, pushed the Arbiters Initiative into action. He formed the faction, The Arbiters, with the Humans' allying races: The Jin'tulu, the Elves, and the Dryads. The Arbiters made their goal to put an end to the Jaar, who forged a faction known as the 2nd Legion.

Short Description[edit | edit source]

The Arbiters are led by King Earnet, a noble hero that used to be as savage as the Jaar themselves. The Arbiters pride themselves for their Compassion, Faith, and Heroism. Within their colors are the cunning Humans, the prideful Elves, the nimble Jin'tulu, and the "green-thumbed" Dryads. It is one of the playable factions, and will react to the 2nd Legion with hostility.

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