2nd Legion

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2nd Legion
2nd Legion Symbol.png
Warlord Bjorin
Dark Elf
Herasothian (uncommon)
Notable Members
Dark Lord Rezix
Technoking Pinchblast
High-Tinkerer Fizzra
Forgelord Feezlebor

The 2nd Legion is one of the major factions in Age of Warscape. It is a highly aggressive faction that pridefully displays their power, strength, and honor. Formed after the rise of their enemies, The Arbiters, by the mighty Warlord Bjorin, the 2nd Legion aims for total dominance of Uloff, and the destruction of The Arbiters. It is a playable faction.

History[edit | edit source]

The 2nd Legion was established shortly after King Earnet created The Arbiters. Bjorin took the establishment of The Arbiters as a declaration of war, and formed a faction with his allying races; the Orcs, the Gnomes, and the Dark Elves. He named the faction after the faction that his father, Cjorg Thykesnev, created during the Faljaar uprise many centuries ago, The Legion. Now, with an entire faction established and his allies and their armies behind him, he plans to wipe out King Earnet and The Arbiters, and put Uloff under the control of the 2nd Legion.

Short Description[edit | edit source]

The 2nd Legion is relentless. It is led by Warlord Bjorin Thykesnev. They value Strength, Glory, Honor. The 2nd Legion does not show mercy on the battlefield, as mercy is for those who do not follow orders. The races within the 2nd Legion are the Savage Jaar, Ingenious Gnomes, Wise Orcs, and the Deceptive Dark Elves. It is one of the playable factions, and are hostile to The Arbiters.