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Age of Warscape
Official Name
Age of Warscape
Richard "Ricky" Chatell
ILMX Prime
Jack Montgomery
Ryder "RyderStarr" Putman
David Karuza
Eric Szabo
Phoebe C.
Unreleased, in planning
Age of Warscape: Origins

Age of Warscape (commonly abbreviated to AoWS) is an upcoming 3D MMORPG-style game developed by ILMXStudios. It revolves around the war between two factions, The Arbiters and the 2nd Legion, and the quest of the chosen Faction Champion of the select faction. It is developed using Unreal Engine, and is set to be available on Windows and Mac devices.

Age of Warscape is currently in its development stage, and is suspected to be in alpha/beta testing stage in 2018 or 2019. The game's release date for beta testing has not been confirmed, but is predicted to be sometime in 2018 or 2019.

The game's official website can be found at and its forums can be found at

Plot[edit | edit source]

See full article: Story

The game revolves around a series of escalating wars between ten races and two factions (The 2nd Legion and The Arbiters). It takes place on a planet that is not too far from Earth, known as Uloff.

The war between the factions, known as The Great War, begins to escalate quickly, resulting in carnage of innocents, hatred and dark magic to form, and destruction across Uloff. Eventually, the faction leaders (King Earnet of The Arbiters and Warlord Bjorin of the 2nd Legion) decide that they will not win without a war-changing asset. Both faction leaders bring in new recruits for their factions in order to decide a Faction Champion. Eventually, a Faction Champion is decided, and is tasked to put an end to the rivaling faction and put an end to the death, destruction, and hatred that is a result of the Great War.

Purchasing & Downloads[edit | edit source]

Age of Warscape is to be initially Free to Play, meaning the game can be downloaded and played for free (to those with a valid AoWSID). However, there is an optional account subscription that allows the user to do more than a Free user. However, most features that are subscriber-only do not affect gameplay, and mainly provide mostly cosmetic features. Subscribers also have a lower cost for purchasing Housing, can create more characters, use Legendary Items, can receive any future expansion packs for free, new website/forums features, quicker support, and a higher Gold Pieces cap (5,000,000 instead of 2,000,000). Subscribers also have more mounts to pick from, and can further customize their Guilds.

Subscription is set to cost about $7.00/month, though the price is likely to change. Subscription is not yet available for purchase, but users can receive free subscriptions through promotions.

The game will be available to be downloaded on its download page, which can be found here.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Player, known as the Faction Champion, must use their full abilities and decisions to advance through the storyline. The storyline that the player goes through varies depending on the race that the player chose during the Character Creation process and any decisions that they make throughout their advancement through the game. This aspect makes each play-through unique to the user, and allows the user to have more control over how they advance through the game. The user can also participate in Dialogue sessions, level up their character to gain new skills and unlock new abilities, fight against hordes of enemies and tough bosses, explore hundreds of different areas, collect all kinds of items, uncover secrets, complete quests, and team up with other users on the same server. How the game progresses will always be different, depending on what the Player does throughout their quests.

Storyline & Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The storyline is affected by the user's decisions and responses in dialogues or in combat scenarios. The user's alignment is also affected by such, which shows how malevolent or peaceful the user's character is. During dialogue sessions, the Player is given multiple options to pick from, all of which are a different dialogue or action. Every time a dialogue option is chosen, a significant character is killed or interacted with, a quest is completed, or even how a user interacts with other users, the storyline that the user goes through is changed in some way.

Storylines are greatly affected by the user's chosen faction, race, and gender.

Leveling[edit | edit source]

The user must level up using EXP throughout the game to boost their stats, equip certain items, unlock new abilities, combat certain enemies, and more. If the user's level is too low for a certain area or scenario, the game will be noticeably more difficult. Certain equipment and/or items are also limited or prohibited to lower levels.

Combat[edit | edit source]

In combat, the user must use their unlocked and available abilities to defeat opposing forces. Abilities can be unlocked through leveling up, equipping certain items, and can vary depending on selected races and items. In combat, the user also can block attacks with shields or their weapon, which reduces damage taken, or can parry attacks by striking at the same time as the enemy, which results in no damage being taken. Combos can also be preformed by both the user and an opponent. Combat mode will engage when an enemy sees the user, and will exit when the enemy loses sight of the player or either the user or the oppenent is dead.

Exploration[edit | edit source]

The user is able to explore dozens of locations throughout their storylines. The user is also able to sail towards other continents using their own vessel, which is acquired after they complete their training and testing. Exploration is a primary element in advancing through the game, and can also affect the user's storyline by exploring different areas. Some areas are also designated as Player vs Player areas, where users can freely fight against other users (all other areas are Player vs Environment by default).

Quests[edit | edit source]

The user is given Quests throughout the game. Each Quest is given to the user by an NPC, and has objectives and completion awards. There are two types of Quests: Storyline and Bonus Quests. Storyline Quests are essential to moving forward, and cannot be cancelled. Bonus Quests are quests that are not required to complete in order to move forward in the game. Certain quests can be available to higher-levels only.

PvP[edit | edit source]

In certain areas and in arenas, users can fight against other users in a full-on Player vs Player combat. In most cases, PvP in noncompetitive. In certain arenas, PvP will likely be competitive, with league boards as well as certain achievements.

Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Optionally, the user can explore secret, challenging chambers known as "Dungeons". Dungeons yield high-end rewards, and are typically highly-challenging and are for meant for more experienced or higher-leveled users.

Development[edit | edit source]

Age of Warscape is currently in Development Phase, and core development is underway. Development Phase also puts out, not only more information about the game and its elements (which sometimes change as time progresses), but screenshots, GIFs, and videos of gameplay testing. After Development Phase has been completed, the game will move on to Testing Phase, which is when the game itself will be opened up to a select group of players for Alpha and Beta testing.

External links[edit | edit source]

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