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Lady Eletha
The Arbiters
Average Height
6.3 - 7ft
Skin Colours
Hair Colours
Eye Colours
Distinctive Features
Pointed ears, Tall
Life Span
190 years

My people are the ones of creativity and pride. We value what we can do and what we create, and will display it proudly for everyone to see.

- Lady Eletha

Elves are a tall humanoid race. Full of pride, they are practicers of Arcane magic, and are highly-skilled in their practices. Elves are allied with The Arbiters, and are a selectable species for the faction.

History[edit | edit source]

The Elven Emblem

Elves predate to the times of primal Jaar. They lived in Moridahn. However, the first elves slept for 1,000 years. Some have awakened early, becoming larger brutish dark-skinned ones called "Dark Elves", who would move to central Moridahn. The ones that did not awake early would wake up later and become purified. After their awakening, they would begin to practice the ancient art of Arcane Magic. When the Orcs came and ravaged their villages, they tried to defend themselves. Their defenses were not strong enough to fend off the Orc attacks, and they lost many of their people in the carnage. The Orcs then retreated suddenly, which became very suspicious to the Elven race. The Elves were sure that they were planning, so they seized the opportunity and hunted the Orcs down. Most Orcs were gone and not heard of again in Moridahn. They soon connected with Humans, who told of Orcs in Fjordinheim, the land of their enemy. Banding together, they would fight the Orcs and claim vengeance for the lives lost. The two races formed a mutual relationship with one another, both hoping to end the lives of their enemies in Fjordinheim.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Most Elves have a feminine body and tone, hinting that most are female (despite the existence of male elves, and the fact that the user can create a male elf character). Their arms are weak (Except when they are holding arcane energy). Despite their small muscles, they are some of the most powerful mages in the world.

Elves have a humanoid body shape. Their skin is very light, which allows them to be easily identified throughout Uloff.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The Elven race is extremely prideful, and can sometimes be seen as snooty and picky. The race takes pride in their Arcane skills, and loves to display it in the most obvious ways possible. Other races usually see the Elves to be quite obnoxious and bragging.

Leadership and Government[edit | edit source]

Lady Eletha, the current leader of the Elven race

Led by Lady Eletha, the Elves have a proud Archmage to bring them glory. Lady Eletha is a powerful mage and had been one of the first to awake retain purity.

The Elves operate on a Autocratic-Monarchic government, with only one ruler. The Elven race used to operate on a monarchic government with two leaders, but was later changed due to the Elven king, Rezix, losing all of his purity and becoming a Dark Elf. The leader is completely responsible for every decision made for the race, and must bear overwhelming responsibilities of leading the entire race.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Elves have a very peaceful culture. They are known to be very soft-spoken and quiet, and create glass pottery and chinaware. They are also known to live in forests, and have a habit of hanging small crystals from thin strings, and tying them to high locations. Elves love to create gardens, fountains, and streams; along with making beautiful structures. They love to create art and pottery, and will typically display it proudly.

They are also known to never use weapons, and wear very-light armor.

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