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King Lamporus
The Arbiters (mostly)
Average Height
Skin Colours
Hair Colours
Eye Colours
Distinctive Features
lack in arms or legs (replaced by ghost-like wisps), luminescent eyes
Life Span
600 years

Herasothians are tall, highly-intelligent humanoids who specialize in alchemy and dark magic. Most Herasothians are brutual and enjoy killing innocents and destroying civilizations that they believe are unfitting. They are an independent race, meaning that the entire race is not allied with a faction. However, members of this species can be found in both factions.

History[edit | edit source]

The Herasothian Emblem

Herasothians come from unknown origins, bringing their hatred and their brutality along with them to Uloff. The Herasothians established heavily-fortified civilizations throughout the world, and began to study alchemy and dark magic. Most Latlazerian saw this as a threat, and began looting and attacking Herasothian civilizations. The Herasothian leader, King Zavaclien Lamporus, was infuriated by this. He ordered a mass holocaust of Latlazerians, causing them to all migrate to other sides of the Strog'ar. As the Latlazerians began to fear the genocidal Herasothians, they attempt to steer their people away from any Herasothian civilization. Lamporus establishes the Herasothian Empire to encourage and push forward Herasothian supremacy. However, they were pushed back by King Earnet's forces, and caused the Herasothians to delay their Empire establishing. Some Herasothians saw the might of other species, and broke off from the Empire, and joined with The Arbiters and 2nd Legion (based on what the individual Herasothian preferred). Both factions are being aided by the Herasothian's alchemy and magic, and the war begins between the two factions. However, in the shadows of the war, Lamporus and his empire wait for the perfect moment to strike...

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Herasothians are easily recognizable by their deep-blue skin, aqua (or red) colored eyes, and their lack in arms or legs. Their hair is an indigo color, and can be seen in various styles. A Herasothian's hands are detached from their body, and are telepathically controlled. They are also seen with ghost-like tails in replacement of feet (which is also seen at the end of their hands and where their arms should go on their bodies). Most Herasothians, depending on their social class, wear formal attire, such as top hats and vests. They are most commonly seen wearing long capes which wrap around their bodies. Male Herasothians have more sculpted jaw structures and more masculine bodies, and Females have thinner faces and more feminine bodies.

Personality[edit | edit source]

An average Herasothian, who is not influenced by King Lamporus, is very curious and likes to question their surroundings. They are usually caring towards the ones they love, and are very interested in Alchemy and magic. Herasothians who are influenced by Lamporus are more sadistic and genocidal, who kill and slaughter whoever they want in the most gruesome of ways, making them the most feared species on Uloff.

Leadership & Government[edit | edit source]

The Herasothian race is lead by King Zavaclien Lamporus with an iron fist and a slightly-communistic belief. Lamporus will use any Herasothian available to him to slaughter his enemies, and will do anything it takes to have him succeed. Herasothians who are influenced by Lamporus obey him and treat him with honor, and those who aren't influenced dislike and refuse to listen to his radical/fascist ideals.

The Herasothians are ruled by an autocratic government, with only one individual with absolute power in charge.