King Lamporus

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Arbiter Symbol.png King Lamporus
Real Name
Zavaclien Lamporus
King of the Herasothians, The Evil King, Blue-Genocide, Lampy
The Arbiters
Umbristic State (alliance)
Personal Details
Location of Birth
Vanessa Lamporus (deceased wife), Unnamed Son
King Earnet, Chieftain Rhanakhed, Lady Eletha, High Prophet Surin, Lord Jesavich
Herasothia, Strog'ar
Martial Status
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by

King Zavaclien Lamporus is a Herasothian male who is the 5th and current King of the Herasothian race. He is a minor protagonist in The Arbiters storylines, a secondary antagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, and an overall major character in Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins. He also acts as an antagonizing force in several storylines, some being Arbiters. Lamporus is characteristically cruel, oppressive, and cold-hearted, and likes to intimidate and kill his opponents. Despite his hostile nature, Lamporus is allied with The Arbiters, and is a leading member of the faction.

Lamporus' voice actor remains unannounced.

History[edit | edit source]

Zavaclien was born to a poor, abusive family. Due to his state of poverty, he was constantly picked on and bullied by other Herasothians as a child. However, this bullying filled Zavaclien's rage, and began to turn darker and more homocidal. Around the age of 18, Zavaclien began to search for the people who have picked on him before, and murdering them once he found them. Lamporus' family was killed in a Latlazerian attack (due to Latlazerian's fear in Herasothians). The young Herasothian only grew more hatred and more rage, and resulted in Lamporus taking the next step to establish dominance over the Herasothian race. He murdered the leader of the Herasothian people, an unnamed president, and transformed the Herasothian's democratic state into a Monarchic/Autocratic state. Lamporus began to gain riches from his people, as they paid him so that he can let them live.

Lamporus grew more and more tyrannical throughout his rule, and began to conquer other lands and kill those who used to inhabit it. He and his people migrated around, destroying and conquering everything in their path. Eventually, Lamporus fell in love with and married a Herasothian villager named Vanessa. Lamporus' marriage sedated him, making him less tyrannical and more passive and calm. The two had a child, a young prince whose name is unrevealed. After awhile, nearby Humans learned of and were threatened by the Herasothians and there homocidal ways, and lost all sense of honor and respect and attacked Herasothia, the Herasothian capital city. The attack resulted in Vanessa, the Queen, to be murdered by Human forces (however, it was revealed that she was killed by a particular Human named Jared Farlenefal). Lamporus is told that Humans have killed the Queen (but was not told of who did it). He was devastated by his loss, and lost completely all sense of mercy and tranquillity.

He became tyrannical again, and became even more genocidal than before, along with promising himself that he will never love another woman again. Lamporus then ordered a total execution of all female Herasothians, in order to eliminate all reminders of Vanessa and to ensure that he keeps his "no falling in love" promise. Some females escaped and fled, while most were killed. A small group of Humans, along with their king, King Earnet, attempted to apologize to Lamporus and the Herasothians for their "Barbaric ways", and hoped that "They would forgive them and that they could all live under Ohm'Brahman together". Lamporus was disgusted by the Human's apology and peace offering. He spit on Earnet and ordered his Herasothian guards to kill the Humans in front of him. The group of Humans were killed, and Earnet was injured and decided to flee. Lamporus, in his madness, established the Herasothian Empire, and began spreading all across the planet. He ordered a mass holocaust of Humans, resulting in 590 thousand humans killed, and 1.3 million injured. Lamporus allied with the UMBRA Insurgency, an Umbristic organization who has stuck fear into the hearts of millions across the planet.

Lamporus requested an attack on the Latlazerians, in retaliation to the death of his family. UMBRA complied, and killed 2 thousand Latlazerians, including the brother of the Latlazerian prince. Lamporus still began to expand and slaughter, killing 50 thousand innocent lives throughout the world. However, Lamporus became protective over his son, and tried not to let the last thing he truly loves get killed. Lamporus grew more and more powerful, and allied with the Latlazerians (in order to have their dimension bending magic on his side) and the cult known as the Sorcerers of the Red Eye. Lamporus grew a liking towards murdering innocents, and developed a habit of setting fire to villages and slaughtering everybody who he sees. He found a love in torturing, as well, and began to torture his prisoners and, sometimes, his own people for no reason at all. Lamporus became one of the most vile, cruel, heartless, and murderous people existing, brutally slaughtering anyone in his way and torturing the life out of anyone he wanted. Lamporus had then slowly converted to an Umbrist.

It was then the Great War had begun, and Lamporus felt his Empire to be in danger of 2nd Legion control. He has also learned of the Latlazerians being an allying race of the 2nd Legion, and had quickly, yet reluctantly, allied with The Arbiters. He had cast aside his hatred for the Humans, "forgave" them and apologized for his past behaviours, and joined the Arbiter faction.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Lamporus is taller than most Herasothians. Aside from his height, he looks like an average male Herasothian. He wears a black/dark grey top-hat, with his golden crown above the rim of the hat. He also wears a black/dark grey cape, with a golden amulet holding it together, which he often shrouds his body in. His vest is grey, with yellow embroidering, and several chains hanging from various locations on his clothing. He also wears metallic, grey shoulder-pads, which may or may not act as armour plating.

Lamporus has long, indigo-coloured hair, which is often braided around the bottom and slung around his left. He has luminescent red eyes, blue skin, and a lack in arms or legs. He is also occasionally seen wearing a monocle and scarf.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lamporus has a megalomaniacal, homocidal, tyrannical, and self-centered personality. He is seen to be merciless, and is considered "without a soul". He is suspected to have no care for his people, and uses his own race for labor and protection. He only cares for himself, and will not care if one of his own come to him injured, diseased, or help. He never feels sympathy or regret, and kills anyone he wants without hesitating. He is also noticeably calm in most situations, and rarely ever loses his temper or shows any signs of strong emotions.

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