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UMBRA Insurgency Symbol.png Lord Jesavich
Real Name
Jesavich Kerrien
Angel of Darkness, The Shadow Lord, Man of Shadows, Umbristic Master, The One of Darkness, Killer of Peace, Spirit of Chaos, Man with No Soul, Threat from the South, Shadow Lord Jesavich, Head of the Umbristic State, The Taker, Anti-Human, Satan (by Gnomes)
Umbristic State (slightly)
former Human, now Living Essence of Necromancy
Personal Details
41 (approximate)
Location of Birth
Moscow, Russia
Morafeun Kerrien (father), Allia Kerrien (mother), Tairous Kerrien (brother)
Kalcatt, The Plaguemaster, Jared Farlenefal, King Lamporus
Hell's Fire, Shadow Ridge
Martial Status
Eye Colour
Red (sclera), Black (iris); none (true body)
Skin Colour
Hair Colour
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by
ILMX Prime (voice)

These words of mine can tear a man apart
~ Lord Jesavich

Lord Jesavich Kerrien (Russian "Йезавич Керриен", often referred to as the "Angel of Darkness') is the remains of a Human male who serves as the true main antagonist of Age of Warscape and Age of Warscape: Origins, regardless of Faction/Race storyline. Using the power of a necronomicon known as the Book of Shadows, Lord Jesavich has managed to spread fear and terror throughout the world. He is also heavily responsible for the creation of the Umbristic State, the empowerment of the Faljaar Movement, and the strengthening of Haed'Vishnu.

Lord Jesavich is planned to be voiced by ILMXPrime in a Russian accent.

History[edit | edit source]

Jesavich Kerrien was the first born child from the Russian sorcerer Morafeun Kerrien, and was the non-sorcerer born child, as opposed to his younger brother. He had watched as war had begun, both on Earth and Uloff, and began to become a strong atheist and developed his beliefs on society. Unhappy with the current state of society, he desired to help it by fixing what he sees as problems by any necessary means, even force. However, with no physical or political power, Jesavich had no way in trying to "help" society and correct everything he sees as problems (homosexuals, rapists, racists, religion, sexists, transgenders, criminals, and others). In hopes of gaining some kind of power to help society, he moved out of the Soviet Union and to Gaderon on Uloff. He set out to find some kind of power that he could use.

He searched through Fjordinheim, and was almost killed by Jaar, due to him being Human. He went further out from Fjordinheim, and continued his quest. During his quest, he stumbled across a Jaar village. He heard the Jaar's tales of Necromancy and their beliefs in it, and heard that an ultimate source of Necromancy is a Necronomicon called the "Book of Shadows". Jesavich then began to look for the Necronomicon, hoping to gain the ultimate power of Necromancy.

After a month of trekking through Gaderon, Jesavich stumbles across an ancient tomb that the Jaar were told to stay away from, which was on an isolated island close to Strog'ar. Jesavich entered the tomb, and located the Book of Shadows within it. He stole the book, and gained its power. Jesavich was granted limitless, necronomic power, and became one of the darkest being on the face of Uloff. Now, with ultimate power flowing through his veins, Jesavich had began to further identify the causes of his viewed issues, and quickly adopted the forgotten, but taboo, ideology known as Umbrism. However, Jesavich's mind had slowly become clouded, and he was then twisted into insanity. He had quickly lost his care for society restoration, and had fallen to a nihilistic, destructive personality. He had lost all care for any life, and regarded the very idea of living as meaningless, including his own.

He used the Umbristic Ideology as a distraction to hide his darker nature, and began to spread it throughout Uloff, mainly to prevent anyone (including his own allies) from discovering his true intentions, which still remain to be unknown. With his powerful and influential voice, Jesavich had grown in supporters. Eventually, he formed a large organization known as the Umbristic State, whose mission is to fix the world by eliminating all of society's issues by use of force and torture. However, Jesavich had actually formed the faction to be used as a distracting force, and another object to prevent anyone from discovering his true mind.

The Umbristic State grew in both physical and political influence, and began to take over most of Strog'ar and some of Moridahn and Gaderon. Allying themselves with the villainous Skornjir the Insane and the Faljaar movement, the Umbristic State grew more and more, and had expanded across all of Strog'ar. The threat of the Umbristic State had gained the attention of The Coalition, and caused them to plan to prevent the State from growing any further. Jesavich had built his sanctuary known as Hell's Fire within the Shadow Ridge, which would act as the State's Base-of-Operations. The Coalition had noticed Jesavich's rapid development, and had begun to siege Strog'ar to prevent him from continuing any further, inacting their plans to stop the State. Jesavich and the Umbristic State battled against the Coalition, but lost due to the numbers and firepower of the Coalition. The Coalition had stationed multiple squadrons to prevent Jesavich from rebuilding his armies and getting out of Strog'ar, and had chased most of the State back to the Shadow Ridge. The Coalition then formed a large blockade on Strog'ar, which was intended to prevent the Umbristic State and the Faljaar from leaving Strog'ar.

Jesavich, in desperation to remove the Coalition blockade, had debated on how to leave Strog'ar. He had sent two spies to Gaderon to find information on how to lure the Coalition away from him. However, his spies had returned with something else: the plans for a Human strategy known as the Arbiters Initiative, which was meant to segregate and depower all threatening races. Jesavich, offended by the blatant racism of this plan, had dispatched two Jaar agents to the Human territories in Gaderon. The agents had poisoned and killed the Human king, King Ron, to stop the Arbiters Initiative from being unleashed. However, the Humans reacted in a way Jesavich did not predict: Ron's son, Earnet, had quickly inacted the Arbiters Initiative in belief that the Jaar leader Warlord Bjorin was responsible. The Jaar took this as an act of war, and had formed the 2nd Legion. The two factions had gone to war, and had begun the The Great War; the peak of the Warscape era. However, this plan did not seem to shake the Coalition that much, and the Umbristic State and Faljaar blockade remained. Jesavich then secluded the State within Hell's Fire, and awaited for a new plan to rid of the Coalition's blockade and resume his plot.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Human Appearance[edit | edit source]

In order to make himself appear more Human-like and less monstrous, Jesavich utilizes his Necromantic abilities to reshape himself into a Human-like body, which is meant to resemble his original self.

Jesavich's skin, due to necromantic corruption, is ash-black in colour, and slightly translucent. His eyes are luminescent red with black iris, and has black warpaint below his eyes. His hair is slightly spiked and pushed back, and is almost the same colour as his skin, making hard to see the difference between his hair and skin. He is also seen to have fanged teeth (which is not a trait found in most humans), and the inside of his mouth has a dull, luminescent red property. He is notably taller than the average Human. Jesavich also seemingly lacks in a full neck, which is only made up of veins, his larynx, and his esophagus. He also has a twisted and deformed body, but is hidden by his armour in order to make him look more Human.

He wears a dark-grey and purple armour set, which has a purple collared cape attached to it. A notable feature on his armour set is the mettalic, claw-like extensions found on his fingers, which act as a secondary weapon. His armor provides high resistance against magic attacks, and prevents him from bleeding. It bears a slightly-similar resemblance to King Earnet's armour set, having a similar design. His armour, however, is unique to his character only. This armour also allows for him to use magic and necromantic powers and abilities without his armour interfering.

True Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jesavich's true body

Jesavich's true self is a tall, slender humanoid with long limbs, a lack of eyes, and long, curved horns. He only has two toes per foot, which are actually twisted entrails and organs made to resemble feet. He also has a long, horned tail, a large mouth filled with jagged teeth (which takes up most space on his body), and large, dark-purple wings. His left hand is twisted, and some of his fingers on both hands are crooked and/or facing the wrong way.

There are several holes and tears throughout his body, which expose his twisted, broken skeleton and the remains of his organs. His spinal cord also protrudes out of his back, which is also typically crooked and hunched. He also has two, flexible tendrils protruding from the side of his face. Jesavich does not have a nose in this form, which is replaced by two slits in his face.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jesavich, unlike most other villains in Age of Warscape, is very calm and passionate. He never shows signs of anger or frustration, and is typically very passionate in his motives and actions, believing that it is almost impossible to put a stop to him. He has fine impulse control, and always remains chalant in almost all circumstances. However, his personality is notably different compared to his remorseless, cruel actions and his hateful, twisted mind.

His most powerful feature is, not his necromantic power, but his voice. He known to be very convincing, charismatic, and motivating, and can convince even the most loyal people to Umbrism. He is a powerful speaker, and can easily speak his mind to crowds of people. His charismatic public speaking is much like that of Adolf Hitler's, only a lot more believable, achievable, and motivational. Jesavich's way-of-words to help convey his point also contribute to his how influential and motivational he is, as his word-choice consists of very professional, yet emotional, words that easily convey his point and aspire loyalty amoung different people.

However, the Necromancer also has a much more darker side to him. He secretly has a nihilistic, depressed personality, who has no care for any life whatsoever, including his own. He is extremely homicidal, as well, and has no regard for emotions, empathy, or forgiveness. He is also careless when it comes to his well-being, as he can (and will) willingly hurt himself in order to achieve something.

Jesavich also has Borderline Personality Disorder, Sadistic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Psychopathy.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Lord Jesavich was originally named "The Shadow Lord", which was later changed to his official title within Umbristic State ranks.

Lord Jesavich represents political corruption and hatred, as he uses his voice to spread his ideals amoungst millions, which inflicts hatred against certain groups of people and makes Jesavich a more powerful leader. He uses hatred and corruption to get things to go his way, and uses corruption especially to turn the most innocent people into hate-fueled torturers and make his twisted thoughts seem correct.

Jesavich does not view himself as evil; he just views himself as hated due to him trying to spread the truth and correcting the world's issues. He often declines that his actions are immoral and cruel, and believes that his actions and beliefs are correct.

Lord Jesavich was one of the first characters to be planned and added, falling behind King Earnet, Warlord Bjorin, and Ohm'Brahman.

He was originally intended to be a Jaar, but was changed to a Human to add more immorality to his character.

Jesavich is the only member of the Umbristic State who physically appears in Age of Warscape: Origins and Age of Warscape.

In earlier concept art, Jesavich seemingly has a full neck. It wasn't until his newer designs changed his neck design.

Positions[edit | edit source]

Position Established
Shadow Lord of the Umbristic State
Advisor to the King
Advisor Forsii