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Prince Dentji

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Prince Dentji
Real Name
Dentjilius Razzunheine Zilatican
Physical Appearance
Eye Colour
Skin Colour
Dark Grey
Hair Colour
Black, with white stripes
Political Information
2nd Legion
Other Info
First Appearance
Age of Warscape: Origins
Portrayed by
ILMX Prime

Prince Dentjilius "Dentji" Razzunheine Zilatican is a Latlazerian male who is the current prince of the Latlazerian race. He is a minor protagonist in 2nd Legion storylines, a minor antagonist in The Arbiters storylines, and a minor character overall in Age of Warscape: Origins and Age of Warscape. A former exotic bar dancer, Dentji is a young, ambitious prince who owns and leads a small stronghold in southern Garnimmar. He is allied with the 2nd Legion.

Dentji will be voiced by ILMX Prime.

History[edit | edit source]

Dentji was born in a small village on the coast of Moridahn to the Latlazerian Al'manalius Zilatican. He was the youngest of two other siblings, and the more quiet and seclusive sibling. During the Latlazerian migration, his family stayed behind in the old village while the other Latlazerians moved away. However, once the Latlazerians became enslaved by the other races on Moridahn, his father left to liberate them, leaving his wife and three children back at the house. Dentji waited for his father's return, hoping that he was not killed while freeing enslaved Latlazerians. One night, Dentji's house was raided and destroyed during Lord Jesavich's uprising, resulting in the death of his older brother and sister. Dentji's mother was heartbroken by the loss of her two children, and ran away with Dentji to avoid being killed by the necromancer. During their run, they ran into Al'manalius, now proclaimed the King of the Latlazerians. Al'manalius, now King Zilatican, moved Dentji and his mother to the Latlazerian capital city Lazareith. Dentji became the Prince of the Latlazerians, and his mother became the Queen.

Dentji as an exotic dancer

Dentji grew up in the Lazareith Royal Citadel, growing more ambitious and confident. The young prince desired to earn enough money in order to own land somewhere in Gaderon. At the age of 18, he was hired as an exotic dancer for Kazanek's Bar and Lounge, which he earned good income from (due to high demand of Latlazerian dancers). After almost 2 years, he eventually ordered the construction of a stronghold in Gaderon, calling it the Red Stronghold, close to Garnimmar. He began to live there, and calling the land around it his "vacation spot". The Latlazerian king also granted Dentji an army to accompany him in the Red Stronghold. Dentji then gave himself the "lord" title.

Eventually, when the Warscape began and The Great War sparked, both 2nd Legion and The Arbiters armies began to flood into Garnimmar, disrupting Dentji's peace and invading his property. He began to order the deaths of anyone coming into his territory, thus preventing the Arbiters and 2nd Legion from advancing past the Red Stronghold. However, after King Zilatican had declared his allegiance to the 2nd Legion, Dentji had begun to allow 2nd Legion forces to enter the Red Stronghold.

While the battles within Garnimmar rage on, the Prince begins to find ways to bring an end to the battles within Garnimmar.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dentji is first seen wearing a white vest, an band around his left arm, a purple object around his neck area, a purple scarf, and a small, dark purple cape. He looks like a common Latlazerian, though his hair goes past his shoulders and in front of his right eye. He also wears black pants, and grey, knee-high boots. He is often considered to be more attractive than most male Latlazerians.

Later, he is seen in the same outfit with a purple, waterfall coat with yellow embroidering in addition. He is also wearing black gloves, with a mettalic claw-like extension on his right hand (giving the hint that he is right-handed, despite the fact that he has been seen using his left hand to hold things a few times, which also hints that he may be ambidextrous rather than just right-handed).

Personality[edit | edit source]

Dentji is normally quiet and very seclusive. However, he is also very ambitious and confident, seeing that every outcome will result in him being victorious. He is also prone to being sensitive to highly-personal topics (such as his family), and can be very aggressive if said topics are brought up in conversation. He also is very hostile to enemies or to people who decide to oppose him.

He also loves power and control over others, and loves to own land or have a large territory to rule over.

Positions[edit | edit source]

Al'manalius Zilatican
Prince of the Latlazerians