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Welcome to the official wiki for the RPG/MMO game, Age of Warscape, known as Warscapedia. This is the resource for all things Age of Warscape, housing articles for the many characters, races, locations, and more. This wiki is also maintained and supported by the Age of Warscape developers, along with members of the Age of Warscape community.

We are currently hosting over 99 articles, 192 files, and over 2,085 edits. You can also contribute to our wiki by adding your knowledge by joining us now! Anyone is free to edit!

About Age of Warscape

Age of Warscape is an upcoming MMORPG game developed by ILMXStudios. The game revolves around a series of escalating wars during a time known as Warscape, and the hostilities between ten races and two factions: The Arbiters and the 2nd Legion.

On the planet of Uloff, ten different races grow hostilities between one another, especially the two major races: the Humans and the Jaar. However, after the assassination of the human king, the Humans believe that the Jaar are responsible for their leader's death and form a faction with their allying races, the Elves, Jin'tulu, and Dryads: The Arbiters. The Jaar take this as a declaration of war, and form their own faction with their allies, the Gnomes, Dark Elves, and Orcs, which became known as the 2nd Legion. These two factions both believe that the other is the aggressor, and desire to kill all of those who are affiliated with them. And so, the Great War begins.

The war between the two factions causes massive destruction, slaughtering of innocents, and hatred throughout the planet of Uloff. The two faction leaders, King Earnet of the Arbiters and Warlord Bjorin of the 2nd Legion, decide that they will not win the war without a game-changing asset. They then realize that an individual known as the Faction Champion could change the war, and both leaders call in new recruits in order to test and train to see which one will be worthy to become the Faction Champion. The leaders also hope that this individual will bring an end to the death, destruction, and hatred of the Warscape, and lead their faction to victory.

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